You are out enjoying dinner with your significant other and some friends.  You have 3 mixed drinks during the dinner and are having a great time.  It is time to leave for the evening and you head to your car to head home.  You feel good, no buzz and not too tired.  You are about a mile from home and you see flashing lights and hear sirens.  Oh no you think!  I wasn’t speeding and I wasn’t swerving.  Panic starts.  You pull over and the police officer informs you that you have a taillight out.  The officer indicates smelling alcohol and requests that you do a field sobriety test.  You get out of the car and complete all the tests successfully.  You are then given a breathalyzer.  You blow into the machine as instructed and the number that comes up is .10 which is over the legal limit.  You are then taken to the hospital for a blood test which also confirms alcohol in your system as well as THC.  You are now being charged with a DUI.  Part of the pretrial requirements are to get a DUI evaluation.  This is just the start of a long and costly process.  You must find an approved therapist to complete the evaluation.   “Where to go and how do I find one?” “ How much time will this take?”   “How much will it cost?”   “Will I lose my license?”  “Will I go to jail?”   “Do I need or should I get an attorney?”  These are questions that are racing in your mind and keeping you up at night. 

You have come to the right place.  Our Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC) can provide substance abuse/DUI evaluations that are approved by the legal system.  This evaluation typically takes 1-2 hours.  Once this evaluation is completed, the therapist will review her recommendations with you in the next session.  With signed releases, reports will be provided to your attorney and pretrial or probation officer.  Completing the recommended treatment will help you in complying with the legal obligations as well as increasing your understanding about the use of drugs and alcohol and addiction.  If therapy is recommended, you will learn positive coping skills and safety practices if you choose to continue consuming alcohol or use drugs.  The sessions will also help you identify and work on any other areas of concerns such as stress, anger, worry, sadness, or relationships to name just a few.   This will help you gain skills in leading a happier, safer, and law-abiding life.

The evaluation will consistent of questions about your life, drinking and/or drug use patterns, stressors, concerns, and relationships that you have.  You will also be asked to complete short assessments on substance and/or alcohol use.  You will be provided information about addiction, drug and alcohol use, risks of use, consequences of use, and strategies to help decrease and stop use.  You will also review harm reduction strategies such as: if you are going to drink, use transportation such as Uber instead of driving yourself.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) will also be used to help you identify your thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs and how they relate to and are connected to how you behave and actions that you take.  You will learn the connection between thoughts and actions and how they are related to emotional problems.  Worksheets and handouts such as timeline of patterns of use and stages of change will be provided, reviewed, and discussed.  You will also be provided with information about community resources and help such as AA and NA meetings along with information about Al-Anon, Alateen, and Nar-Anon for support for friends and family of yours.

Rebecca A. Singer is our addictions specialist.  Her credentials include a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling (MS), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC), and Certificate of Competency in Problem Gambling (CCPG).  Rebecca identifies herself as a Dual Diagnosis therapist which means she treats both addiction and mental health symptoms, and views them as related instead of separate areas and concerns.    For more than 12 years, she continues to advance her training in both mental health and substance abuse.  Rebecca’s hours are typically Monday-Friday and she offers hours from morning through evening to best accommodate your needs.  She will maintain your confidentiality while respectfully empowering you.  You can read more about Rebecca in her bio and her blogs, including the Addiction Series

For guidance in dealing with drug and alcohol use which has possibly related to legal issues or job issues, please contact us to schedule an appointment and evaluation.  You can do so by filling out our Request Appointment form on our website or call 717-723-8040 extension 100 to schedule with our Client Coordinator, Christine. Additionally, you can view the insurances we participate with, and you can read more on self paying for therapy.

Rebecca is happy to help you in complying with requirements to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation. 

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