Brainspotting is a relatively new type of therapy. Read more here on one of our recent blogs for an intro to Brainspotting. This type of therapy can be helpful in addressing trauma, performance issues, anxiety, negative emotions, physical pain, or mental blocks. Brainspotting seems to bypass the analytical cerebral cortex of your brain to directly access the midbrain structures associated with fear, memories, and emotion. Think of it like focused mindfulness, with a trained therapist supporting you. This type of therapy is great for those with anxiety or who tend to overthink, or who are getting in their own way of being successful. Brainspotting sessions are best done in 90 minute sessions, to allow for maximum processing time.

Amanda is a trained Brainspotting Practitioner. She has completed the Phase 1 training, and is working towards certification. Amanda has daytime hours available most days of the week. You can read more about her at her bio and her recent blogs.

If you are struggling with issues related to anxiety, creativity, performance, mental blocks, or trauma, and want to feel calmer, please contact us to schedule a Brainspotting appointment.  You can do so by filling out our Request Appointment form on our website or call 717-723-8040 extension 100 to schedule with our Client Coordinator, Christine. Additionally, you can view the insurances we participate with, and you can read more on self paying for therapy.

Amanda is happy to help and support you through using Brainspotting to target your areas of concern.

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