It’s 3AM.  Sherry has been pacing the hallway in her house for an hour already.  She can’t shut her mind off to go to sleep.  Instead of sleeping, she thinks about all the things she needs to get done the next day.  She feels stressed and overwhelmed trying to take care of everything for everyone in her family.  She knows she needs to sleep, but she can’t stop thinking.  She just wishes she could calm down enough to get some zzzzzzz. Sherry realized she couldn’t destress on her own, and she started therapy.  She learned better sleep habits.  She has set boundaries with her family members, and her teen sons even started doing their own laundry and cleaning their own rooms!  She learned strategies to challenge her thoughts, and to prioritize her self care.  She feels more in control of her life, less stressed and happier.

Does this sound like you?  If so, there are several therapists at The Counseling Collective who can help you.  We use psychoeduation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Brainspotting, worksheets, handouts, and homework to address anxiety, boundaries and self care

Rebecca, who has had advanced training in CBT, has daytime and evening hours.  Her understanding personality will help you feel supported as you work towards your goals.  You can read more about Rebecca in her bio and her recent blogs.

With over 10 years of experience providing therapy, Amanda has had advanced training in anxiety.  She offers Brainspotting as another tool to address anxiety issues. Amanda has daytime hours most days of the week.  Please read more about her in her bio and her recent blogs.

Dominic has worked with a variety of issues including anxiety, and has evening and weekend availability.  You can read more about Dominic in his bio and his blogs.

If you are struggling with anxiety issues, and want to feel calmer and less stressed, please contact us to schedule an appointment.  You can do so by filling out our Request Appointment form on our website or call 717-723-8040 extension 100 to schedule with our Client Coordinator, Christine. Additionally, you can view the insurances we participate with, and you can read more on self paying for therapy.

We are happy to support you in addressing your worry and nervousness.

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